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Education is the future – the future is the education…

Learning in a way of personal experiences through a training program is considered nowadays by experts as the most effective. This is the essential idea of our education and training. It is also expressed in the Chinese saying „If you explain something to me – I will forget, if you show it to me – I will remember, but if I do it – I will understand.“ According to research works people remember and learn about 10% from what they hear, 15% from what they see, 20% from what they see and hear, 40% from what was discussed, 80% from what they experienced or do. Leavers of our programs learn, with the help of our experts, how to solve actual work situations in the best and the most efficient way through the training of these situations in our programs.

Our aim, in the training programs specialised for company owners, their managers, sales representatives, secretaries and others, is to teach people to better manage team, to communicate more effectively, to motivate employees in a suitable manner, to manage their time, to define their priorities, to resist stress, to supervise business negotiations and more.

The programs are intended for all those, who want to become better at their work.

If you are interested we will be glad to show you parts of our training programs, or we can make a special training program for you according to your needs by combining different parts of our training modules.